Dear Colleagues,

This year, in collaboration with Ataturk University, we are going to hold the 28th National Biochemistry Congress in 19 -23 September 2017, Erzurum.  The good news is that the national congress has been transformed into an international congresswith substantial efforts of the Organizing Committee and collaboration of all our guest speakers. 

Hereafter, the new name of our congress is International Biochemistry Congress - 2017 / 28th National Biochemistry Congress.

This international congress, especially has a regional importance. There are speakers from Georgia, Azerbaijan and Iran. Many colleagues from these countries show interest in our congress. Hopefully, this congress will be a first step for other collaborative scientific activities and organisations.  

At the congress, many prominent scientists worldwide such as Prof. Khosrow AdeliProf. Steven SoldinProf. Revaz Solomonia will speak on hot and interesting topics like distance educationpediatric reference rangespediatric obesitymass spectrometry applications in thyroid and adrenal diseasesmolecular mechanisms of memory in imprinting. There are also many competent scientists from neighbour contries as well as from Turkey who will speak on topics like services of Ministry of Healthreference ranges and decision limitsinsulin resistance - metabolic syndrome - obesity - diabetesautomation in clinical labstandardization of thyroid function testingbiochemistry of cancer and metastasisnew technologies in hematology/hemostasis laboratoryundergraduate and postgraduate biochemistry educationcell deathinherited metabolic diseasesmethod validation and verification, relationship of thalassemia markers with oxidant stress.

Additionally, there are five courses and/or workshops in the scientific program: Microsoft Excel and R Applications in Clinical LabBiosensorsMass Spectrometry Applications in Clinical LabApplied Molecular Techniques Course, and Hemostasis Lab Management

We will try to separate substantial time window for oral presentations of young colleagues. There will be registration and/or accommodation bursaries for young and active colleagues who will participate in the congress with a poster or oral presentation.

All abstracts will be published in a special issue of Turk J Biochem indexed in SCI-E.

A social program addressing to the local and historical richnesses of Erzurum is also under preparation. 

We are inviting you to share the rich scientific and social program of this international congress, which is organised for the first time in our country and hosted by Ataturk University at its 60th anniversary. 

With my best wishes,

Dogan Yucel
TBS President
On behalf of the Executive Board