Dear Colleagues,
You are all welcome!

As Turkish Biochemical Society (TBS), we are very happy to meet you at such a nice scientific environment in the greatest and the historical city of Eastern Anatolia, Erzurum.

This meeting is so important for us. Because, Erzurum is a city where the independence of our country was started. In this sense, once again, we express our gratitude to Mustafa Kemal Pasha, his struggle staff, and the people of Erzurum who sheltered them.
This meeting is also important for us because of being the first in Erzurum. Despite our long-standing desire, this is the first national congress of TBS in Erzurum. We are happy to be able to organize this meeting.

In fact, we planned this meeting as a national congress at the beginning. However, the 2017 year was 60. anniversary of Ataturk University and by the great support of the University Rectorate and regional colleagues, and the expectations of our members, we could change our national congress to a more international meeting. In collaboration with international institutions, TBS hosted a lot of international congresses in Turkey, but this is the first that we can perform it with our national power.

Now, I see that we have done the right one… As a powerful but humble meeting, the Congress is different from others with its rich scientific content, high number of attendants, high level sponsorship, and its interest in the region and whole Turkey.

I would like to thank to Prof. Khosrow Adeli and Prof. Steven Soldin who coming from far away and support us, to Prof. Revaz Solomonia, Prof. Arif Efendief Mustafaoglu, Prof. Ramin Bayramlı, Prof. Reza Meskhani, Prof. Mohammad Reza Bakhtiari, who coming from our eastern neighbors, to Dr. Hatım Al Jarrah, Dr. Christian Ramakers and Dr. Muhammad Aurangab Ghauri, who coming from other countries, and to other colleagues from Turkey.

Ataturk University has supported the Congress by hosting to the meeting and giving all the means of the university. In this sense, I would like to thank to Prof. Dr. Omer Comakli, the Rector of Ataturk University, to Prof. Dr. Ebubekir Bakan, the President of Local Organizing Committee, and to other colleagues from Erzurum.

The young scientists have revealed a great interest to the Congress. There are too many young scientists actively attending the Congress with a presentation. As usual, we tried to respond to this big interest by giving both registration and accomodation bursaries to these young persons. We are proud to be able to give this support.

Primarily Ataturk University, other sponsors such as municipalities of Erzurum, Palandoken, Yakutiye and Aziziye, and diagnostic companies have played a great role for this support. We are grateful to them. They contributed much to a complete and powerful Congress.

I would like to highlight once again that all abstracts presented at the Congress will be published in the Turk Biyokimya Dergisi / Turkish Journal of Biochemistry, a journal indexed by SCI-E. This is so valuable for almost all colleagues, I think.
To breath this scientific air, to inspect Erzurum more closely, to gather of scientists from abroad and from all regions of Turkey at this nice environment is very valuable for all of us…

I hope all attendants will enjoy the meeting. I wish a useful and productive Congress to all the delegates.
I would like to finish my speech with the words of Mustafa Kemal Pahsa during the Erzurum Congress, 1919:
"The homeland is an indivisible piece within the national borders, it cannot be broken down. Mandate and patronage are unacceptable.”
With my best regards.

Dogan Yucel
President of TBS and Congress